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Psoralen photo-chemo therapy (PUVA)

Psoralen photo-chemo therapy is also known psoralen and ultraviolet A (PUVA). In this therapy the patient is exposed first to psoralens (drugs containing chemicals that react with ultraviolet light) and then to UVA light. This treatment is better than the steroid topical therapy.

It was originally developed in 1940's by an Egyptian physician for the treatment of Vitiligo and is still in use. Although it is not very preferable as Re-pigmentation with PUVA is widely variable and rarely is 100% achieved also because it is time-consuming and have the highest rate of adverse effect among non-surgical treatments for Vitiligo like nausea, vomiting, phototoxic reaction and a long term cutaneous malignancy risk. It also increases the risk for cancer of the skin.

Topical Psoralen Photo-Chemo Therapy
The application of psoralen before it is exposed to ultraviolet rays is the conventional way for Vitiligo treatment... Read More

Oral Psoralen Photo-Chemo Therapy
Oral PUVA therapy is preferably advised to the people with more extensive vitiligo or for people who do not respond to topical PUVA therapy at all... Read More


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